St. Martin’s Day – Community and Parish Holiday

St. Martin’s Day is celebrated as the Day of the community of Hajdina and its achievements, of the parish of Hajdina and of the young wine. Traditionally the must becomes wine on the St. Martin’s day, and for many years various events have been organised to celebrate the event. In fact, the patron saint of the community deserves a few-days-long-celebration events in which all generations play their role: the wine is provided by local wine-producers, but in order to honour and respect St. Martin the community and the parish appoint the “guardian” of the cellar in which matures the vintage wine. This honourable title has been so far received by sixteen “guardians” from nine different villages, while the last two titles were given in 2012 – 2013. The candidate for “guardian” is appointed by the Mayor following the decision of the board of villagers. The future guardian must have a vineyard or at least a trellis, he must know how to produce good wine, and he has to be respected by his fellow-villagers.

Come to Hajdin’ to Saint Martin!