Relaxation In Nature

Sport amateurs who fully understand the slogan “A sound mind in a sound body” can use a natural-recreation trail in Skorba which was opened in 2003. The trail is 2.5 km long, well maintained and marked. Along it are 26 different tree species clearly marked, while in a natural “classroom” situated among the trees, all these are thoroughly explained. A special feature represents the so-called “fitness in nature” programme which includes ten stops for individual exercises.
Feel The Presence Of Berl

Hajdina trim steza
Hajdina trim steza
Hajdina kolesarska pot

Feel the presence of Berl

Mysteries of the river Drava are best discovered in the river’s old beds, inundated forests, cascades and gravel-pits. Natural habitats in the area of BERL in Hajdoše are well preserved, and offer excellent opportunities for observation of animals and plants.
In order to preserve this important eco-system, the municipality of Hajdina established a 2-kilometre long circular natural trail BERL. A mark of the trail is the kingfisher which belongs among endangered species. At a certain point of the trail, there is a “natural classroom” in which typical fauna and flora of the area are presented.

Hajdina Berl logotip
Hajdina Berl
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