Community of Hajdina

The community of Hajdina spreads over 21.6 square metres and comprises seven villages: Zgornja Hajdina, Spodnja Hajdina, Draženci, Gerečja Vas, Hajdoše, Skorba, and Slovenja Vas. Since antiquity important transport routes have been crossing the territory, and therefore an extremely rich and long history, closely connected to the history of Ptuj, does not come as a surprise.

Skulptura Viktor Gojkovič Hajdina

The administrative centre of the community is situated in Zgornja Hajdina beneath Saint Martin’s church. In 2006 the centre was entirely renovated. The square in front of the newly-built business and residential building, in which the municipality has its headquarters too, has become the venue for different celebrations and events. There is a modern sculpture signed by Viktor Gojkovič, art sculptor and honorary citizen of the community of Hajdina. This monumental sculpture in the shape of a fountain symbolises all seven villages constituting the community of Hajdina, and the river Drava.

The villages are worth visiting – nicely laid-out village centres, chapels and Christian crosses, sport parks and playgrounds, natural areas and the singing of the kingfisher, educational and recreational paths.
Our ancestors were known as determined, self-confident and industrious people always willing to learn everything new and different. Therefore, the educational system in Hajdina boasts a 300-year long tradition. The kindergarten built adjacent to the school is more recent. Socialising and getting together have always played an important role in the community. Nowadays there are as many as 36 associations (although there are “only” 3,800 inhabitants!) organising numerous events throughout the year.

Hajdina delavnice otroci

If you want to experience something nice, taste something good, get to know the tradition connected to the present, have a look into the Events Calendar of the community of Hajdina. And you can be sure that whatever your choice may be, every event will be accompanied with delicious home-made food and traditional hospitality of one of numerous inns and restaurants based on the community territory.
I wish you a warm welcome here among us!