Hotel Roškar

Hajdoše 43c
2288 Hajdina
00386 (0)2 782 3201
Faks: 00386 (0)2 782 2811
00386 (0)40 554 399

Hotel Roškar is a modern hotel with 32 rooms and 80 beds altogether. The restaurant seats 300 guests and offers quite a varied menu. The main objective of the family Roškar is to make their guests feel at home and enjoy the comfort of the hotel. Regular guests who keep coming back to the hotel Roškar is proof enough of their quality.

Sobe in apartmaji Vogrinec

Sp. Hajdina 19a
2288 Hajdina
00386 (0)31 392 514
00386 (0)2 788 53 25
Faks: 00386 (0)2 788 53 42

The family Vogrinec offers newly furnished rooms and apartments. Cosy and fashionable rooms offer views of green spaces and woods belonging to the nearby golf course. The coffee-room Art Cafe offers a wide variety of drinks and delicious cakes.

Gostilna Rajh

Draženci 96
2288 Hajdina
00386 (0)2 781 13 51
00386 (0)41 331 931
Faks: 00386 (0)2 781 1350

The inn Rajh in Draženci has been opened for guests for almost 20 years offering a wide variety of set menus, dishes to order and an excellent wine list. Due to its position, the inn represents the ideal venue for celebrations and parties. The inn Rajh also has cosy and comfortable rooms.

Gostina Čelan

Slovenja vas 30
2288 Hajdina
00386 2 788 5600
00386 51 803936
Fax: 00386 2 788 5601

The family Čelan has been running the inn for more than 80 years offering a wide variety of food and drink. Cosy dining rooms are spacious and bright, the personnel kind and friendly, and the combination of both guarantees agreeable moments spent with home-made specialities.

Gostina Olga

Zgornja Hajdina 2a
2288 Hajdina
00386 (0)2 781 1121

The inn Olga in Zgornja Hajdina has been operating for many years and has become known for its traditional national food and home-made recipes. The food is prepared on a traditional stove heated with firewood which gives to all dishes specific flavour and taste reminiscent of our grandmothers’ food.

Gostilna Slovenski hram

Slovenja vas 51a
2288 Hajdina
00386 (0)2 783 0371

Situated in the centre of the village, the inn is run by the family Kirbiš. Some of their specialities are: home-made black pudding, home-made bread “Styrian” way, mushroom soup, a traditional cold-cuts plate, dumplings of cottage cheese, suckling pig, lamb and fish. Nicely laid-out garden and dining room seat 80 guests.

Ribiško društvo Žejne ribice Draženci

Draženci 34a
2288 Hajdina
00386 41 485 787
00386 31 422 695

Ponds in the pit of Draženci are situated in an agreeable natural environment and offer relaxation and recreation activities to all those who enjoy fishing; the most common catch is a carp. Fishing is allowed on Fridays afternoon, while on Saturdays, Sundays and during holidays fishing is permitted from dawn to dusk. All baits are allowed except for the live bait. Enjoy it and good luck!

Bar Kavalo

Sp. Hajdina 37a
2288 Hajdina
00386 059 109 445
Faks: 00386 059 109 446
00386 (0) 31 296 4122

A cosy bar named Kavalo is situated in the sports park in Spodnja Hajdina where all generations meet. It offers various possibilities for outdoor picnics and other socialising events in combination with sport and recreation activities.

Športni park Spodnja Hajdina

Davorin Zupanič
00386 31 381 361

Sports park in Spodnja Hajdina offers two well maintained football pitches ideal for football playing, while the pitch of concrete is appropriate for five-a-side football game. In general, sports premises are available for recreation, football tournaments, picnics, and other organised events to be held indoor.

Pizzerija Moschkon

Zg. Hajdina 44b
288 Hajdina
00386 (0)31 687 817
00386 (0)40 833 633

The pizzeria Moschkon is situated at the very centre of Hajdina. It seats 70 guests. Its daily offer consists of different pizzas, hearty soups, local dessert prepared in a traditional oven, grilled dishes and as many as five set menus. Nicely laid-out restaurant and shady terrace offer views of the central square and the church of St. Martin.