Events in Municipality of Hajdina

There is always something interesting going on in Hajdina and some of the events have become traditional attracting every year an increased number of visitors.
In January, young and old gather in the premises of the fire brigade in Slovenja Vas to participate in the pumpkin shelling event thus reviving this once popular traditional custom in the village; nowadays the work is carried out to the rhythm of folk songs, music and dance.
February or March is dedicated to the carnival. “Korants” from Hajdina and Draženci and the “ploughers” from Gerečja Vas and Skorba see to the entertainment in various inns and at numerous social events organised in all seven villages, while the largest gathering of the carnival masks occurs on the central municipal square.
Every odd year, Easter is the time when members of women’s clubs gather in the premises of Retired People’s Association in Hajdina to present their culinary specialities and hand-made artefacts.
In May, meadows become green again and blossom. In Gerečja Vas, young and grown-up men meet at the grass-cutting contest in the traditional-manual way and the “modern” way with the help of a machine. Encouraged by songs and accordion playing, scythes cut better.
In June, St. Aloisius name-day is celebrated in Gerečja Vas with the mass service, for St. Aloisius is their patron saint. A lot of people seize the opportunity and go to the church by bicycle.
July is known as a very hot month and therefore ideal for an angling contest at the pond named “Thirsty Fish” (Žejne ribice) in Draženci. Hunters’ Home in Zgornja Hajdina, placed in deep shadows of mighty trees, houses a permanent exhibition of hunting trophies, cock and hen pheasants.
August – numerous inhabitants of Hajdina desguise themselves into Romans and participate in the traditional Roman games taking place every third weekend in August in Terme Ptuj spa.
Cycling pilgrimage to Slovenja Vas to the church of the Assumption is organised at the occasion of the big mass.

End September or beginning of October inhabitants of Hajdina revive old peasants’ chores typical of autumn. At the farm Meglič in Skorba, for example, manual picking of maize and husking takes place and is accompanied by songs and music.
In autumn, traditional “pumpkin” festival takes place in Gerečja Vas. Every year an exhibition of different sorts of cucurbitaceous plants and various dishes made with them is organised in the premises of the fire brigade.
Autumn in this region is beautiful also because of grape picking, especially in Skroba where some autochthonous grape varieties still grow on trellis. The event known as “Skorba’s grape-picking and pressing” takes place at the farm Meglič where the participants also choose the cellar master of the year.
Retired persons traditionally organise a socialising event – a picnic with chestnuts and tasting of new wine, singing and music. Every year in October a different village organise the event..
In November, on St. Martin’s Saturday, the community of Hajdina celebrates its holiday with feasts, and the appointment of the best cellar master in the community and the parish. The tradition is being preserved through the event “From must to wine – come to Hajdina”.
The farm Meglič in Skorba is also the venue of evening socialising event taking place in November. Another traditional event in November gathers women at “power schnapps” tournament in Gerečja Vas.
December – the village of Draženci organises traditional hand-making of noodles which has already become an important socialising event at which gather various women’s organisations.
St. Martin’s church in Hajdina organises a week before Christmas concerts given by renowned Slovene musicians thus creating an exceptional holiday atmosphere.
St. Stephan’s day – a traditional Christmas-New Year’s Eve concert is organised in Skorba in the People’s Home performed by national and foreign musicians.